Monday, September 22, 2008

Run for your life!!!

I've gotta post my Sunday afternoon lunch experience yesterday.

The whole fam was over after church for homemade everything. Mac and cheese (mmmmm!), pork chops (not trimmed), green bean casserole (fat, fat, fat), ceasar salad (from a bag, like 20 g fat/ serving), and peach cobbler with ice cream. Did I mention the rolls with REAL butter?

Anyway, I was so uptight and in such a strange mood. Part of me was mad at the fam putting me in a situation like that. Part of me felt bad because that's the way my family eats. And part of me was just SCARED because I know I can't resist. Plus, to make matters worst, I made the mistake of skipping breakfast so I was real hungry.

Well, when I got home, I just went to the fridge, go out some grilled salmon and a sweet potato, made me a spiniach salad and just in front of everybody...while everyone else was waiting for lunch to be ready, I just sat down and ate. It was rude but ya know...

Then, when I was done, I was seriously craving MORE. And not more of my stuff, more of THEIR stuff. So, even though we had company and even though it was family, I just go my keys, told everyone it was good to see them, and I left. I went and got a coffee at starbucks (black) and just drove around. I visited an exercise equipment store I've been wanting to check out on 290 and 1960. I've got my eye on a beautiful treadmill there. Then I just drove around Cypress. By the time I got back, not only was lunch done but everyone was gone. I felt bad about that but good about not CRASHING. DW was good. When I came in, she DUMPED the peach cobbler down the drain. A waste? Yes. But it was a good thing.


Pat said...

Good for you Vic!

If they can't support you, then you need to get away from the problem.

Stay Strong!

Pony and Petey said...

Dude! Glad to see some fresh posts.

Another couple of good reasons for doing the blog...
...for readers like me who are pulling for ya and praying for ya and are able to write in a word of encouragement and understanding from time to time!
...for readers like me AND you who are struggling to eat right and be strong and stay on top of everything to live a healthy lifestyle. Just think of the readers out there whom you are unaware of but who can benefit and be blessed by you sharing your struggles and successes and practical information!

So please keep blogging = ))

Tiggs said...

Vic- I am really sorry and sad that your family won't support you by changing the way they eat too. All that food is ok once or twice per year for a special occasion, but as regular eating- no way! I'm glad you were strong and left-- but did you ever think to have a sit down with them when they were all there and tell them straight out if you keep eating like that you are going to die and it would be great if they would help you and along the way help themselves too?