Saturday, September 20, 2008

Long run and 1.4 lbs lost

What a beautiful morning for some exercise and HOLY COW, there were a ton of people at Memorial Park, as many as I've EVER seen there. I debated whether or not to drive into town for such a short run but hey, I've got nothing better to do. And adding on a trip to Whole Foods made it worthwhile.

Today is my long run day. Week 1 of my schedule has me doing 0.5 miles for my long run. Man, I'm anything but proud for admitting that. But I AM CONVINCED by coach Bill that this gradual base building period is what someone in my situation needs. Here are the first 13 weeks of the program.

So, if you look at the big picture (which I'm not supposed to do), I'm up to 13 mpw in just 13 short weeks. The program's heavy on avoiding injury, strictly base building, and getting my bones, tendons, cartilage used to taking a pounding again. After this 13 weeks, I'll still have 4 weeks left to do a little sharpening and possibly do the EP 5K on January 18. That's my plan to get back into this running thing. My 5K should suck enough on the 18th to motivate me into the spring to keep kicking a** and taking names on the weight loss.


June said...

hmmm...we didnt start our run till 7 this morning due to the lack of light around and our route took us 2 miles through Memorial on the way out and on the way back. That must have been around 8ish or so...or thereabouts give or take.

I didnt notice that many people. But then again I was kinda out of it for most of the run anyway.

Whole Foods...mmmm...not in my budget right now though.

Emily said...

You're back! So good to see you again, Vic. We need to catch up, a lot has changed :)

Amber Raley said...

Howdy Vic!

Good to see you posting again, that always seems to mean you are on an upswing. Hopefully this one is a long steady climb. Have you thought about doing any swimming? I don't know how well it would fit into your schedule and budget but I swim Tue/Thurs around 7am at the YMCA over on Stella Link. Let me know if you'd like to join me.