Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Beautiful morning

More cool temperatures this morning as I got 4 feel-good miles in at Memorial Park.

Total distance - 4 miles
Splits - 13:11 / 12:50 / 12:37 / 12:35
Total time - 51:14
Average pace - 12:51

I'm surprisingly well-recovered from Sunday's pounding at the half marathon. I really felt good this morning and would have run 2 or 3 more had I not run out of time. I'm bummed that I have to miss Kenyan relays tonight but DW is going out with a girlfriend for dinner so I'm "in charge" of the household tonight.

The rest of the week is going to be interesting. I'm on call this weekend so I'm going to try to run long Friday morning before work. I've already told my boss that I won't be in until around 9:30 or 10:00. I'm looking at going 14-15. Don't know where yet. So, the week looks like this:

Monday - Rest
Tuesday - 4 miles
Wednesday - 6-8 miles with the Striders
Thursday - rest (NOT Boot Camp C, Awwwww! I'm sad)
Friday - 15 mile long run
Saturday - rest and soccer games (the kids, not me)
Sunday - 3 miles
Total miles for the week - 28-30

So, I'm back to daydreaming at work about running, reading blogs, writing blogs, checking the McMillan running calculator, checking my VDOT, updating my training plan, checking my logs, logging my calories, just generally obsessing. Like Santos said, "Doesn't your boss know you have a running problem?" I've been working my butt off and my butt's been getting bigger. It's time to start running my butt off and see if that works. :)

Lastly, I ran into one of my all-time heroes this morning at the park. Reuben. Ok, get this. Reuben was getting in and easy 18 this morning to get his day started. 18 MILES!!! Not 18 minutes. Reuben is one of the most genuine people I know. The world could use a lot more Reuben's. That's for sure.


Steeeve said...

Vic obsess?? Nooooooo! Can't be.


I see you're working off the SMART schedule now. That is good.

Steve Bezner said...


It's looking like another 13 down Brays Bayou for me on Friday morning.

I believe this is close to your office. I'll be doing 7:30's, but we can shorten the course to 4 out and backs. Care to try a new venue?


Pony and Petey said...

Ditto on Rueben...he's AWESOME!!! He always has a kind and encouraging word for EVERY one he meets...no exaggeration!!

Really nice run...glad you felt recovered enough to get back out there already!