Friday, May 25, 2007

Note to self

I'd like to respond to a recent comment from my good friend and reknowned butt-kicker, SteveS, not to be confused with my other good friend and reknowned butt-kicker, Steeeve. Here's the comment:

The actions comment was only put there to remind you that we have heard it before. There is nothing wrong with being a "back of the pack" runner but when you workouts always end with, "I took it easy and cut it short" then you have shorted your other health goals. It is Friday and you have nothing posted. This would lead me to assume another light workout with a side order of bad eating. I refuse to be part of the sheeple to offer congrats on work that is not done or done poorly. I have offered advice before but you have to implement. When I lose more weight than you in the past month, there is a problem. Show me actions.

Let me say first, that SteveS hit the nail right on the head about not posting this week. Like many others, SteveS knows me like a book. Although I wouldn't go so far as to refer to readers of this blog as "sheeple" (by the way, that's hilarious), I do understand what SteveS is referring to. I think for the most part, most bloggers aren't fishing for a butt-kicking when they post their workouts and struggles with weight-loss, nutrition, etc and most commenters respect that and try to give encouragement any way they can. However, in this case, I feel like SteveS's comment was not only appropriate but timely. I'm afraid that were I to go back to read my posts from the last 10 weeks, I'd feel an irresistable urge to kick my butt as well. By the way, I may be wrong but I take some people's relative silence in the comment field as being a reflection of some of the same thoughts that SteveS presented above. I imagine there are others who would have loved to go off on me as well.

I think in a way, I have been "riding on the coat tails" of Marathon Vic, telling myself that I've done the hard work. I've come so far and now it's time for a break. Like I deserve it or something. What a friggin' retarded, perverted way to look at this journey and at my life. How stupid is it for me to think that just because I've lost 70+ lbs. and run a marathon that I deserve a break, that I can indulge in fast food, that I can start watching TV again and sitting around the house eating chips? Actually, the opposite is true. I worked hard last year and rather than deserving all the above things, I deserve more of the good stuff, more energy, more flexibility, strength, long life, a feeling of accomplishment, to be faster, all that stuff.

Yes, these are more words. I'm tempted and inspired to just delete this post right now, put on my shoes, and hit the pavement. I'm also real close to purging the Pappa's baked potato I had for lunch. :) Suffice it to say that I hear what you're saying, SteveS. I'll say nothing more. It's time to get to work. Feel free to kick me in the ar$e any time.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you respond well to ass-kicking. I just got back from a week in Vegas. I have had the pleasure of second hand smoking two packs a day and self indulging on alcohol. I ran three times, but would have liked to run more. Tired and dehydrated, I accepted and did the challenge of a speed workout before I even got home. My friends in Canada would be proud. Sacrificing an hour for a workout will benefit you in years of health and longivity to give back to those you love.

Humble Runner said...

SteveS Rocks.

He's inspired me on many occasions. He knows exactly what to say to 'the big guy'... almost as if he was our size at one time. I seldom see him commenting on my blog, but I appreciate it when he does. He reminds me of Simon Cow from American Idol. What he says may not be popular, but it’s the f’ing truth. The kind of truth that needs to be said and heard, cause frankly, all of our fair-weather friends won’t!

Speak on, SteveS.

barbara said...

Vic, on the few times I've written something and then decided I didn't want any comments, I deleted the post.

Happened earlier this week because I shared personal info about my daughter (I broke my own rule).

I have been checking your blog every day so I can come in here and say "woo hoo!" or "sorry today's workout didn't go so well".

In other words....I need ya to post. Every Single Day! For Me! LOL!

I don't know Bill but truth be known....I want both of you to win. KWIM?

Matt said...

I've followed your posts for a while, impressed by your progress and your marathon. While you have slacked recently as Steve pointed out, the time must be looked at in its entirety.

It takes time for everyone to recover from a marathon. The extremely fit can recover more quickly but for some it can take 3 months or more to recover properly from a marathon. So you are entitled to a period of R&R (rest and recovery) That being said, you didn't execute a reasonable recovery plan. The reduced exercise regimen is ok, you are recovery after all. However, the reduced calorie burn requires increased focus on the other aspects of your weight loss program. Get out and go for a walk or a run, if your body says rest rest, but you dont create excuses.

Good luck!

Jon (was) in Michigan said...

Heh, heh. Tough crowd here, Vic. :)

I found you through your Blogshares listing.

I know that feeling of "cutting it short". I find when the run is hard I want to cut it short in the worst way. The problem is that after I do it once (and you know how good it feels to stop), I want that feeling of stopping on every hard run after that. I fight it every time.

I really liked this post. I think it hits home for many of us who are fighting through the thick of it to stay on track.

Its time to get to work. :)