Friday, May 11, 2007

It's the shirt

I broke in my new Striders tech shirt tonight at Mem Park. I was running out of day so I decided to just do 3. To make it interesting, though, I kicked it up to tempo effort for mile 2 and then back down for mile 3. Not much time to go into the details but I'll just say it was a fabulous run. I felt really good and relaxed.

The highlight was my son who came with me and did his first ever 3 mile run. I was so proud of him and he was pumped up about his accomplishment. He kept talking on the way home about how his feet hurt and his legs are sore but he feels good, "REALLY GOOD!!" He did great. He said he wants to do the half marathon in January. I told him to go for it. That would be a huge accomplishment for him so we'll see where it goes from here.

My splits:
Mile 1 - 13:52
Mile 2 - 12:33
Mile 3 - 13:54
Average pace - 13:27

This was my first run in a long while where I ran continuously and strong the entire way. I wanted to take a walk break after my tempo mile 2 but resisted the temptation. By 2.25, I was pretty much recovered and back to easy effort. Certainly the beautiful weather and the cool temps contributed greatly to my good run tonight. I'll take it. It was a good confidence builder.

Will be in Galveston this weekend. Hoping to get a run on the seawall in on Sunday. Back on Monday. Later!


Randy said...

Sounds like a great run Vic, and it was great I bet having your son there with you. I'm sidelined until Monday to clear up some leg pain with anti-inflammatories, so I haven't run since Tuesday night, I'm bummed. Can't wait for Monday, the meds are working and I do feel 150% better but am following doctor's orders on the running.

JustJunebug said...

Running out of day? Since when did that matter dude??? ;o) As the evening rolls in thats the best time TO run!

Glad you got a run in this week!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Vic and Lil Vic! The toughest part of a quality workout is often maintaining for the cooldown when you're ready to be done. You fought through, well done!


J~Mom said...

Way to go!!!!!!!! Your times look excellent. Everytime I read your times I think, *dang* Vic and I would run the same pace together!!!

L*I*S*A said...

You're doing a bang-up job, Vic!! Keep up the excellent work. Great news on your son running, too.