Sunday, May 20, 2007

It's ALL good, July!!!

Thanks for reminding me, July, that I haven't posted since Wednesday. Fortunately, all is well, quite well as a matter of fact.

Sounds like a lot of fun was had in Corpus Christi this weekend. I hope Bill got his fill of Mexican food and sleeping on the beach. Bill, did you look at any sun dresses in come of the cute shops down there on the strip? Oh, I can't wait to see you in that dress.

I hope the weather in Corpus was nice because if you're a runner and you weren't in Houston on Saturday morning, you missed one of the top 2 or 3 days of the year, IMHO. I met my good friend and running buddy Jo at Patterson at 6, right at daybreak. It was a cool 62 degrees and almost no humidity. It was one of those mornings where if you were just standing around, you were a bit chilly but as soon as we got moving, it was just right. I mean it was perfect. Jo joked that that if we could bottle this weather and sell it, we'd be millionaires.

We did a little over 6 miles. I've got the splits on my Garmin but don't feel like bootin it up right now. Our first mile was 14:06, I remember. We stayed pretty consistent the next couple of miles. Our 3 back were at about 13:40. It really didn't feel like we sped up that much. I think I was just getting warmed up. For the first time in what seems like a long time, I felt like I could have done 6 more. I ran continuously the whole way, except for a potty break. I really felt good. I know the weather had a lot to do with it.

On the nutrition front, I've done really, really well since Wednesday. I've logged the entire week for Catherine to scrutinize. This weekend, I've had some drastic fluctuations in my weight. It's been kind of a roller coaster ride. I've fluctuated +/- 7 or 8 lbs Saturday and today. I've had a VERY active weekend doing lots of yardwork, running, more yardwork, bending, shoveling, sweating, hydrating, sweating more, and even a little swimming thrown in there for good measure. I think I've averaged a good 3 or 4 lb weight loss this week, approximately. Keep this up, and Bill's gonna look just lovely in his new dress.

Oh, and anonymous, I've got your actions right HERE, buddy. :)


Humble Runner said...

Indeed, I checked out some cute sun dresses, but I was unsure if you needed a XL or XXL.

Hey... I just ran 5 miles a mere 13 days after knee surgery. Thought ought to scare ya! Don't ever count me out.

JustJunebug said...

oh dont you fret Vic, the weather for the marathon relay in CC on Saturday was picture perfect!

nice and cool for the first 2 legs anyway, might have gotten warmer towards the end but with little humidity a good time was had by all!

i think i heard it was the BEST weather EVER for this event that anyone can remember!

i cant wait till july 31...

Anonymous said...

Definitely the best weather in my 8 BtB's. I ran the 4th leg and weather was a non-issue. I'm told the 5th and 6th legs were warm as there was only non-cooling but propelling tailwind.


Steve Bezner said...

That's the way to get the lead out! Good Going!

J~Mom said...

WOOHOO!!!!!!! Looking good so far!! You are doing it now keep it up!!

txrunnergirl said...

Yay, you posted! Sounds like you had a pretty active weekend...I think this weight loss contest is going to be close!

barbara said...

Vic, if you want to borrow any kickboxing DVD's or anything to add to your running mix in order to win the contest, just let me know!

I get a lot more inspired by other people's competitive spirit than my own!

Humble Runner said...

C'mon! Its Thursday already.... tell me what you've been doing.

Steve Bezner said...

yeah, give us a status. I wanna know who has the early lead for that dress!

Anonymous said...

The actions comment was only put there to remind you that we have heard it before. There is nothing wrong with being a "back of the pack" runner but when you workouts always end with, "I took it easy and cut it short" then you have shorted your other health goals. It is Friday and you have nothing posted. This would lead me to assume another light workout with a side order of bad eating. I refuse to be part of the sheeple to offer congrats on work that is not done or done poorly. I have offered advice before but you have to implement. When I lose more weight than you in the past month, there is a problem. Show me actions.