Saturday, April 15, 2006

I ran today!!!

Never thought I'd see those words again on this blog!!! I've been walking 3-5 times per week but decided today to do a little running. IT WAS AWESOME!!! I did 8x(1 min run/1.5 walk). I was breathing hard, sweating, feeling a little fatigue in the legs, all the signs that I acutally worked out!

I'm not too sure about my new running trails out here in Fairfield. Actually, they are just sidewalks. Boy, I really miss Memorial. Wish I could find some crushed granite or dirt trails out here somewhere. Well, if I really start to get motivated, I'll start running at Memorial Park in the pre-pre-dawn hours before work. I just need to find a place to shower.

On a more serious note, my brother-in-law was murdered last week in his trailer in Lousiana. He was 44. It has been a tough week or 2 for my family so please keep us in your thoughts and prayers


Anonymous said...


Sorry to hear about your tragedy.

On the lighter side, there are showers at the Tennis Center and the Aquatic Center at Memorial Park for 75 cents. No excuses!


Jill said...

That is horrible. I am so sorry.

Day Dreamer said...

Sorry to hear about that. Good thoughts and prayers your way.


Holden said...


Sorry to hear about that. Sad, sad, sad. I'll send prayers your way.

p.s. Good to hear you're running again.