Saturday, February 21, 2009

Too scared to pull the trigger...Bad decision

I've been planning on getting in a spring race and I debated back and forth about the Park to Park 5 miler this morning. I wanted to do it baaaad but I was out sick last week and the last time I did more than 4 miles was Feb 4. So, I talked myself out of it. Instead, I opted for a 5 mile long run and I'm kicking myself now because the distance was not a problem. No doubt, had I run the P2P, I would have been dead last but hey, been there, done that, and it's still fun.

I ventured out of the park today and it was good to get out "on the road". I went up Blossom and zig-zagged over to the water fountain at Allen Parkway and Shepherd, then back. 5 miles exactly at average 15:25 pace. It was a beautiful morning for a race or a run or a bike ride or whatever your poison. There was lots of people out and I had a great run. I finished just exactly where I wanted to, with just a little bit still left in the tank. I don't feel achy or sore at all and my ankles, knees, and hips felt great the entire run. It was a good confidence booster of a run.

So, I guess I've gotta get a spring race on the calendar. I think Bayou City Classic 10K it is. I hope everyone's not gone by the time I finish. Save a bagel for me, ok?

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