Monday, February 09, 2009

Sub-45 3 miler

After a weekend of nothing but junk food, little sleep, and NO exercise, I was really ready to get this week started on a good note. I wouldn't call this past weekend a "lapse" or a moment of weakness or the like. I just spent the weekend with a bunch of junior high kids on a church retreat and basically we were provided with J-U-N-K to eat entire weekend. I snuck away on Saturday and snagged me a Subway for lunch but the rest of the weekend was what it was.

So, I arrived at the park tonight and could tell when I got out of the care and started trotting to the stretching area that this was going to be a good one. The danger when I feel good, though, is to go out too hard and burn out. I stretched and then got on the trail and started my run. I started about 8 steps behind this walker and she was keeping a pretty good pace so I thought I'd try to see how long I could hang. I made it kind of a game, trying to stay exactly 8 full strides behind her. I'd get to 10 and then speed up a little. Then I'd be right on her, at maybe 5 strides so I'd back off. Anyway, she ended up walking a pretty consistent 14:30 pace.

It really felt good. I felt really comfortable after 1 mile. At about 1.5, I got to breathing a little heavier but still felt strong. At mile 2, I backed of and got a drink, stretched a little and then took off. My pacer got in her car just after 2 miles so I decided I'd just cool down the last mile. I did some walking early in mile 3 but ran the last .6 miles and finished strong.

Anyway, it felt good to log some miles at sub-15 pace. Now to bed.

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TX Runner Girl said...

Great job Vic! I know how hard it is when you're surrounded by junk food...good for you for sneaking away for Subway.