Saturday, October 25, 2008

Wish I was there!

Good luck to all of you running the Houston Half and congratulations ahead of time to the Houston Striders. I know it's going to be a FABULOUS event!!! I've got prior commitments this weekend so no volunteering this year. This is the first year after 3 in a row that I was not able to volunteer for the race. Bummer!!!

I did 3.5 this morning at Memorial Park. It felt good and I ran easy and strong. I probably could/should have done 4 but I opted for 3.5 with the last .5 about 1 minute faster than my average pace. It feels good to finish strong. I ran over an hour. It was an absolutely beautiful morning and I know it's going to be beautiful for the race tomorrow. That's makes me happy.

This weekend with the Houston Half going on, I've been reflecting a lot about this past year. Tomorrow's race marks my exit from runnning and the start of a downward spiral and return to obesity and unhealthy living. It's crazy that that came after the greatest race of my life. I remember Steeeve commenting how that race should really motivate me to an awesome marathon in January. Man, I'd like to have that moment back. I'd like to redeem that time, buy it back somehow. But that's obviously not possible. All I can do is remember all that I gave up and let it motivate me to never ever let that happen again. Nothing is worth your health and happiness. No job, no amount of money, no project.


Minken said...

A professor walks to the front of his class. He pulls out a jar and fills it with big rocks and asks the class if the jar is full. Most of them say yes because the professor could not put in any additional big rocks. Then the professor pours gravel inbetween all the big rocks until no more gravel can go into the jar. He repeats his question - is the jar full? Now the class is getting wise and more of them are skeptical. So the professor pulls out a bag of sand and pours it between all the gravel and the large rocks and repeats his question again. "NO!" the class responds, surely you will put something else in. So the professor pours water into the jar that percolates inbetween the sand, gravel, and large stones and states that finally the jar is full.
What is the point of this story?
If the professor tried to put those items into the jar in any other order than what he did, then it would have been impossible to fit all that he did into the jar. So Vic, just remember to take care of all the big rocks first everyday before you pay attention to the gravel, the sand, and the water in your life.
I am glad to see that fitness is a big rock again! :)

Tiggs said...

missed you at the race. you will be there next year, though right :)