Saturday, November 03, 2007

It takes a village

Friday was a bust. I just could not afford with everything that's going on at work to come in late. I had made arrangements to come in to work around 10 with plenty time to do 15 but I just have sooooooo much work and so much to do before the week ended. No way I could have missed 3 or 4 hours of work.

So, I was really bummed. I'm on call this weekend so a long run was not in the cards. But conversation at lunch turned to why Vic didn't run Friday morning. I shared my sob story with my co-workers. I said that this job and this project makes it really hard to train and that I was going to be behind after this weekend. Then my buddy said, "I'll cover call for you Saturday morning." WOW!!! What a friend. It really is the case that we can't do this alone. It takes a lot of support and sacrifice from family and friends.


So, I ran an easy 15 miles this morning with my running group. We had a blast!!! Martina, Faith, Steven Curtis Chapman, Michael W Smith, and a bunch more. We ran to down to Sabine, back to the park and around for 2 more loops to make right at 15 miles. Here's the shakedown:

Total distance - 15 miles
Splits - 13:56 / 13:38 / 13:45 / 13:40 / 13:36 / 13:27 / 13:27 / 13:23 / 13:15 / 13:12 / 13:13 / 13:13 / 13:36 / 13:37 / 13:35
Total time - 3:22:45
Average pace - 13:31

I'm tired. I'm going to bed.


Steeeve said...

Good running, dude. Now, time to put on your recruiting shoes and convince your running buds to join your favorite club :-)

TX Runner Girl said...

Great job on your 15-miler Vic! SCC usually gets me pumped up! :-)

Steve Bezner said...

So are you doing the 25k?

L*I*S*A said...

Great job...that's what friends are for. Glad you were able to fit it in.