Thursday, September 13, 2007


When I arrived at Memorial park last night, Steeeve asked me how it had been going. I said I had not run since boot camp last Thursday. "Oh, you took at WEEK off, huh?" Now let's just get a few things straight everyone. I ran last Thursday. Friday was already scheduled as a rest day. I missed Saturday's Yasso's and Sunday's long run. Oh, and there was a little Kenyan relay action on Tuesday night that I skipped too. Then, I was back at it on Wednesday. By my count, that's 4 days off, not a whole week. OK? Are we straight? Good?

In all seriousness, Wednesday's run actually felt like I had been off for 2 weeks. Very dead legs. I just could not wake them up. If felt like I just started running, like a total noob. That all ended tonight as the Smartie Hop seemed to awaken the sleeping giant. I didn't know during the workout that I was actually going to feel good after it was over but getting back into a bit of the routing has me feeling good tonight. Don't get me wrong. I'm gonna sleep well and I'm definitely ready for a rest day to get ready for TLT. But I'm feeling my oats again. Hope to be back in that awesome groovy place by next week.

Yikes!!! Next week. That reminds me. Boot camp D. Need I say more? Jen, I'd better see you out there Tuedsay night, ok? Next week's gonna be a bear. I can see it coming.


Steve Bezner said...


Consistency is your friend. Get to know him.

Good Luck!

Vic said...

Well, I'm a consistent father, a consistent husband, a consistent employee, and a consistent friend. :)

But hey, go ahead!!! I deserve my lumps.

Devin said...

Hey Vic, even though you took off a few days, you didn't let it turn into a few more days, then a week, then a few weeks, then a got back out there. You are already way ahead in my book.


Steeeve said...

Hey Skinny Lad,

What Denise said. With two quality sessions and a long run from hell (TLT) you're all set for the week.