Sunday, September 16, 2007


Well, the Striders were meeting for our TLT on Saturday AM. I mistakenly set my alarm for PM. I failed to get up in time in the AM. So, I decided to do TLT myself in the PM. Especially since we had soccer in the AM and I would have gotten too late a start in the AM since I slept in to 7 AM. After that workout, I think I need some Tylenol PM!

I got to Memorial Park last night around 6:30 (PM, that is). Did some stretching and set out for my warmup. 2 miles easy at around 13:45 pace. I followed that up with some Silly Walks and a Gu. After that the SMART Lite schedule prescribed 2 miles @ 10K effort, 5 miles at LSD effort, and then 2 more miles @ 10K with a mile cooldown.

I'd say I pretty much nailed the first 2 miles. I ran them at average 11:41 pace. Then, I confess, I recovered a minute or two with some water and a walk break before starting out on the LSD portion. I stayed consistent through 3 or 4 miles, maintaining about a 14:20 pace, including water/gu/stretching breaks. However, after 4 miles, I was spent. I finished the 5 miles of the LSD and packed it in. 9 miles total.

I'm not so sure I"m cut out for these hard, quality, TLT long runs. They're a lot harder than a regular old, mind-numbing LSD. But 9 miles is a good workout and I'm not kicking myself for that. And average pace for those 9 was 13:28 according to the Garmin, including a lot of water breaks. I'll take it.


Steve Bezner said...


In my opinion TLT's are the toughest workout on the SMART schedule. I had to call uncle a few weeks ago and cut the 2nd track short.

Regardless, you were out there!

Steeeve said...

Skinny Boy,

Fine effort by you, the sort of run that will get you to the marathon finish line with a Huge PR. Keep up the fine work!

billd said...

These are very tough workouts to do. Keep at it and you will see a big improvement this year.

Great job.

Anonymous said...

That sounds like a tough one! Way to get it done.

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jen said...

Vic - you're doing great! And both Ste(e)ves are're definitely losing weight!

I'll see you tonight at the Bootcamp!


txrunnergirl said...

It sounds like a really tough workout, so I'd say you did great!

L*I*S*A said...

Hey, 9 miles is 9 miles, no matter how you wanna slice it. Great job!

JustJunebug said...

Do you think you might ever blog again?

Jessica, a Houston Runner said...

hey Vic!

it was soooo good to see you on Saturday! keep on running, buddy, and so will i.

See you Saturday?!

JustJunebug said...

blog dammit!! :o)