Saturday, January 16, 2010

The Voice of Truth

God and I came to an agreement this morning that WE're going to do this marathon. I was at Starbucks for breakfast this morning and I had my computer. Liz was on FB so I IM'd her. We got to talking and I asked her to play Voice of Truth for me. I went out to my car and she just talked on the radio about NO FEAR and that God was going to be with us (and KSBJ too). Then she played my song. It was such a wonderful time of worship for me and Liz really blessed me with her comments and prayer. The song is about "getting out of the boat, onto the crashing waves." And about the faith to "face a giant with just a sling and a stone". And the waves "laugh at you" and say "you'll never win." The giant "reminding me of all the times I've failed." But the VOICE OF TRUTH tells a "different story." He says, "Do not be afraid. This is for MY glory." Tomorrow I CHOOSE to listen to the Voice of Truth.

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Donna said...

Good luck tomorrow! It's my first half-marathon ever!