Monday, August 24, 2009

New Strategy

On Saturday, I employed a new strategy for finishing my long runs strong. Just about the time it started getting tough, you know, like that last mile or mile and a half, I took off my shirt. At that point, my mind was not thinking about how tired I was. I was just thinking about finishing before I saw anyone I know. It worked. I finished strong, and only a few hundred complete strangers were traumatized by the horrid sight.

Saturday's Week #13 route took us out Memorial to Waugh, back up to Dunlavy, out Dunlavy and back Woodhead, then back to the park, in long. 12 miles total. I think this was my favorite route to date. Maybe it's because I've never run that stretch up Dunlavy and back through...well, I don't really know what that part of town is called. You could call if Fourth Ward. I don't really know how else to refer to it. The sunrise was just beautiful and I hit it just right. Heading east into downtown on Memorial provides a much nicer, less obstructed view of the skyline than Allen Parkway. It was nice.

Running down Dunlavy, I took in the sights and smells of Houston. It kind of takes me back to see homes that have been turned into businesses or galleries. The smell of fresh baked bread from a local bakery, the sounds of cars zooming beneath me as I crossed the bridge across 59, the beautiful homes and landscaping up North Ave., all made for a very nice run.

As far as performance, I had a great run. I stayed steady and strong through 10.5. I began to falter a bit once I got in the park but drew on a couple motivating factors to get through it. First was the run topless strategy which I mentioned already. But second, I knew a bunch of In Flight peeps were already at Empire Cafe, basking in the glory of their own long runs. I wanted to get there and join in the frivolity ASAP. So, that's what I did. And we DID have a fun, fun time at breakfast. It was great talking trash and laughing loud with the peeps. And all this before some people even get out of bed.


junebug said...

you were in my neighborhood over there by woodhead and dunlavy :)

i saw you rounding the corner there at memorial and shepherd headed back to the park. i was sitting at the light to turn to go home after my run. i thought, and said out loud...there goes Vic!

you still had your shirt on by the way :)

Vic said...

Ha! I ran into you guys for about three blocks on Blossom and Wescott, the same place I saw you and Dixie last time. I kept looking and looking but no June. We turned on Birdsall either before you got to us or after you had already crossed Wescott.

Hope you had a good run. Sounds like Dixie did, huh?

TX Runner Mom said...

I love running through that area early in the morning. Your post and Erin's post made me miss living in the big city. All I get to see on my runs these days are bunnies and frogs, lol!

Tiny Frog said...

i had a great run! my fastest ever for that distance! i didnt run with Dixie and the gang. i was ready to bust one out! but yeah dixie DID have a great run too!

Steve Bezner said...

Running Shameless!

Vic said...

Absolutely, SteveB.